9. Injured in battle

I looked round and saw my gunlayer laying on the deck crumpled up and the gun’s crew gone, I stepped out of the tub of water and quite unconsciously was on my heels, I looked down at my right foot and said to myself “Little toe shot right off”, and then I saw the other, my, I had a peculiar sensation when I saw all my foot smashed up and practically hanging off. I staggered a little, but I was so full of this “wide awake” feeling, that I bucked myself up and got back to my seat at the gun and put my headpiece on again as I thought all the time of some orders being shouted through for starboard 2, i.e. my gun; I thought a lot of my gun and I only wish I could have stuck it through as she came into action soon after with another crew. While I was on my seat gasping over my injuries our trainer came up from somewhere and although he wasn’t injured he was awfully upset and I remember saying to him “Oh Tubby, look at my poor feet”. Just then an officer came and told Tubby to do his best to get me and the gunlayer down below and out of it. Well, Tubby went away and I was again on my own and I could feel myself going off so I dragged myself to a hatch nearby and somehow got down it, I don’t know how I got down, but I was glad as I got some water to lay in, I wanted water. Soon after I got down the detailed ambulance party found me and carried me down below to a bathroom, where they cut my clothes off, and bandaged me up, I was very near to it, but I did my best and never lost my consciousness all through.
Image 1 smashed bridge of the Carmenia after a battle via Gutenberg
Image 2 Emden wreck via Wikipedia

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