6. Fiji

Well, we began to get into good spirits at the idea of returning to Sydney but, when we got over half way, and with the “Australia” all ready for harbour and a chance of a run ashore, for some reason or another, we were ordered to return to Rabaul, there were some lovely expressions from the “lads”.When we got back to Rabaul we just had time to coal and provision and was ordered to Angaur one of the Pelew Is. It was a very warm trip, 18 days there and back from G. N. Guinea. After we got back to Rabaul, we found out that everything at New Guinea was now quiet and the fleet was ordered to Suva (Fiji). The Fiji is fine and I wouldn’t mind living there for good.

Image by Paul Gaugin Mountains on Tahiti via Zeno.org

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