12. Return to Melbourne

Well I had a very rough time of it in Hospital for a time, and quietly I thought they were going to send me “dotty” but I pulled through alright, but I was glad when we left Ceylon and we had a bonzer trip back to Australia, the people aboard the ship were very good to us and with good food and a bottle of “Guiness” every night, I bucked up wonderfully and was feeling good by the time we reached Melbourne, where I finished my wanderings and also my active service but not my service as I am still strong with the help of a stock and as you see I was too busy to write all this yarn our myself so Milly had to copy this out from the rough writing that I made. She says that she got quite excited as she was copying it so it can’t be a bad yarn at all and as you don’t often get long letters form me I hope it will prove interesting to all at home. There are plenty of other exciting and interesting incidents occurred in my short experience but these times are full of exciting happenings, hair breadth escapes, heroic deeds etc. so this plain account of my “bit” will have to do. I have just received a letter from Jim in France so I expect you will be seeing him before too long. Sincerely hoping all are well and not being hit too hard by the war I conclude and remain sincerely yours, Rich.

image 1 : Rich Horne on Half-Moon Bay Beach, Melbourne, private collection

Image 2 : Royal Arcade Melbourne by David Iliff via Wikipedia cc-by-sa

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