11. Wounded sailors

Although the ship was very crowded with Germans etc. the ship’s crew were being very hard worked, we were looked after very fine, the lads and the officers did absolutely everything they could, both for us and the Germans wounded and our Doctor was great, he worked well on me and fixed me up good. I was taken up to the upper deck on the morning we arrived at Colombo, it was a beautiful Sunday morning and as we steamed into the harbour, all eyes were on us, there were thousands of all kinds of people, Natives all in their best silks, all the Australian and New Zealand troops and in fact, all Ceylon, there was no cheering, at our skipper’s request, in deference to the wounded Germans, it was an exciting day getting moved ashore and to Hospital, getting moved from one stretcher to another, but I must tell you that being so low, I nearly broke down completely when we left the ship’s side. All the ships company shouting goodbye and wishing us a speedy recovery; it was hard getting knocked out like that and having to leave the ship but I consoled myself with the thoughts that I might have gone out altogether and life is sweet, even if it is cheap these times.
image 1: patient transport from Illustrated War News via Gutenberg
image 2: Colombo Town Hall via Wikipedia

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